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Refills for Your GreenResolution - Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Recycle, reuse and reduce. This is what we, at Green Smart living wish to promote with the introduction of refill cartridges for our electronic cigarettes. With many smokers switching to electronic cigarettes to improve their way of living and also to save on their pockets, Green Smart Living has introduced a smart way to help them maintain their decision. To give back to the environment, our electronic cigarettes make you a ‘smart’ smoker and smarter when you refuel them with the nicotine cartridges that are disposable and 100% recyclable. These cartridges come with different flavours to make you enjoy your puffs. You get to choose from our variety of flavours like regular, menthol, clove, peach, strawberry, and vanilla which are sure to please all the e-cigarette users. These refills are available in High (18mg) and Low (6mg) nicotine for your requirement. We also offers zero nicotine that is nicotine- free refills in the regular and menthol flavours. Besides, at cheaper rates you would love to adapt to this smart lifestyle that we help you with. Refill your life with this green resolution and reduce the harm to yourself and others as well. In turn do good to the environment and give back its cleaner space. We do what we simply believe in, and propose to you to do the same. We value our customers and their interests, as you wish to value life and surroundings. Our product is very effective for you to get started right away!

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